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Woodward has the knowledge & experience that prepare us to meet your needs. For more than 50 years, we have applied our engineering and manufacturing expertise to the metal fabrication and process equipment requirements of customers in a wide range of industries, including:


Ferrous &
Non-Ferrous Metals

We manufacture steel and aluminum plate and sheet for customers in a wide range of industries, and for use ourselves to fabricate hoppers, bins, silos and process equipment. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise allows us to design metal fabrications, work from customers’ specifications or reverse-engineer equipment and systems.

Cement Production

Our capabilities include designing and building equipment and systems used to manufacture cement. We also design and fabricate pelletizing systems that make it easier to handle, transport and use the dusts, fines or powders resulting from production activities.

Mining & Aggregates

With ability to design, manufacture and reverse-engineer vessels and containers used in above-and below-ground mining, as well as in quarrying, we make sure our products have the durability necessary to withstand the harshness of the environments in which they’re used. Additionally, our process equipment is capable of pelletizing mine and quarry dusts for easier handling, safer transport and development of new revenue streams.

Food Processing

Whether you need a hopper, bin, silo or another type of vessel or container, we have the design and fabrication expertise. We can also manufacture multiple process equipment units that function as a system for handling powders or solids.

Power Generation/Energy

Our hoppers, bins, silos and process equipment are ideal for handling waste products, including fly ash. Pelletizing of dusts, fines and powders resulting from generation allows for easier handling and transport, and can even be a revenue source as a filler for cinderblock and other building materials.

Construction Components
& Equipment

We design, fabricate and reverse-engineer parts and components used on construction vehicles. Our engineering expertise and commitment to manufacturing quality products that are competitively priced and delivered on-schedule make us an ideal partner.

To make plate, sheet, hoppers, bins, silos or processing systems that meet specifications and enable you to maximize productivity, we use the most modern design software and manufacturing technologies.


Technical Expertise That Adds Value to Your Project

Combining know-how with investments in the most modern design and production equipment, including CAD/CAM and CNC, makes us your best source for metal fabrication and process equipment manufacturing. Email us your most complex challenge, and we’ll quote you a solution.


Qualified to Do the Job

Our 45,000 square-foot facility in Mars, PA, about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, houses 5 bays and 10 cranes. The cranes range in capacity from 5 to 15 tons.

Dimensions of our bays are:
  • 60'x 120' with 30 ton lifting capacity via one 5 ton and two 15 ton cranes. Hook Height: 21'6"
  • 60' x 140' with 30 ton lifting capacity via one 5 ton and two 15 ton cranes. Hook Height: 21'6"
  • 30' x 300' with three 10 ton cranes & one 5 ton crane. Hook Height: 12' to 18'
  • 36' x 120' with one 10 ton crane & one 5 ton crane. Hook Height: 12' to 18'
  • 60' x 120' with miscellaneous lifting devices